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Our Clubhouse Club & Room Rules

THE STORYBOARD CLUB is meant to provide inspiration, perspective, knowledge and insight to what is possible. Every life story is different and unique but the frailty of our humanity is our common factor. 

Storytelling has always been a part of my journey. From sitting at the foot of my grandmother's table listening to her recite tales of her youth; to documenting the life of my mother as an immigrant; these stories gave me the foundation to become a creative and an entrepreneur. It is this drive for the explorative that opens the door to THE STORYBOARD CLUB. 

Welcome. Let us see how the narratives of others can move us!  


  1. Hi. I'm Katherine your Host (Lead-Moderator). I'm a huge collaborator, resource and knowledge expander. Topics & discussions are planned through me.  If you have a Room or topic suggestion please DM to discuss.

  2. Guest speakers are Moderator(s) on stage as well.

  3. Moderator(s) (other than Guest speakers) are independent partners. We partner for their level of expertise in running rooms, their professionalism and their ability to provide a positive experience for our guests, Club members, followers and audiences attendees.  ** We make every effort to have room Moderator(s) managing Q&A, minimizing disruptions and monitoring room flow wherever possible. Especially if we anticipate a large turn-out.


Note: Please honor our Guests speakers. Only the Host is permitted to make someone a Moderator in our space.  


Q& A | Comment Etiquette:


Note: Many of us are of diverse abilities or use aids to help with the functionality of the Clubhouse app. Please be courteous and apply the following method of speaking across rooms to help us all understand who is speaking to us. - Thank you. When it’s your time to speak, please introduce yourself.  Ask your question (if it’s a Q&A session) or make your commentary, then please close by stating your name again and saying “I yield my time or I'm done speaking....” Then we will all know you are done speaking. 


To make sure our Guest(s) speakers answer as many Q&A questions as possible we ask that questions are kept to the topic being presented by our Guest(s) speakers.


You can submit Q&A questions to the Host via Twitter during the live interview. @guapafilms

Our Moderator(s) and Host will pool Q&A questions and will invite people onto the stage once we open the room for questions. 


  1. It’s All About The Flow… Catch It.  Don't ruin the conversation by introducing your OWN topic... Read the room properly. I’m a gentle Host, BUT, I will nudge you back…(It’s a trick I’ve picked up from my service dog) 

  2. Clubhouse has clear guidelines and rules. In our Club and rooms in addition to Clubhouse rules and guidelines if you attack, harass demean, intimidate, or imply harm we will intervene and remove you immediately.

  3. Everyone has an equal opportunity to speak.  In big rooms, please keep your speaking time to a max of 2 minutes. If the flow is great, wonderful!… But if someone is rambling, that trick I learned from my service dog will be used again… nudge, nudge….


We will strive to get to as many questions as possible. If we DO NOT get to your questions, we will pass them along to the Guests afterwards for their response via DM or email. So do not hesitate to send them through Twitter or email!

Lets's Work Together!

I hope you enjoy THE STORYBOARD CLUB and the rooms we will create within them. There’s all kinds of stories that need to be heard. If you have someone you’d like to nominate for an interview; DM me on Twitter or just pop me an email at


See you in the CH! 

Katherine Dickson is a Producer | Photographer | Singer-Songwriter

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