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Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Mia was the Director of our Pack. She came to guide me into the world of the seeing and moving. Together we navigated through the darkness and captured light. She was a sweet soul, a gentle lead, a free spirit, patient and my eyes.

Guapa Films is an advocate for adoption first! We promote #AdoptDontShop Please consider your local shelters when looking for an addition to your family. Mia became a part of ours - over 14 years ago. Her story was a sad one. She was a bait dog once. An unknown fate awaited her. But I know, I would have been destined to a life of darkness without her. Once Mia came to me, we navigated through all the fear, mistrust and hurt we both felt from having lived through trauma. She became my right hand and I her protector. Her strength gives me courage for this career. I owe her a lifetime of gratitude.

Mia passed away on June 2018 after living an extraordinary life. She loved family, service and friends.

Mia taught all of us how to embrace "the good" no matter what struggles befall you. Here is Mia's diary. Her journal during her last months. She wanted to share a special message with the world about living life to the fullest. We hope you enjoy these special #DailyMia

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