Pet Portraits are Suspended Until  Spring 2021

Pet Portraits Photography

What we do:


We capture creative and artistic portraits of your special companions. Our custom pet photography services involves either a studio session or an on-location session with your pet. 


In studio session will take place at Guapa Films studio in Madison, CT. 


On-Location session will take place in our outdoor space or a local outdoor location. 


How it works: READ CAREFULLY


After you contact us via our booking page, This will set up a phone pre-shoot consultation with photographer Katherine Dickson to go over go over our booking process.  Pre-Shoot consultations  are a mandatory safety health requirement.  


During your pre-shoot consultation, photographer Katherine Dickson will schedule a ‘meet and greet’ with your pet. During the visit she will get to know your pet, book your photo-shoot, discuss what type of theme you would like and go over logistics for your photo shoot day. *You will also go through a COVID Screening Checklist during the pre-shoot consultation. 


We focus on making your pets the most comfortable possible with positive interaction and lots of play time.


In studio and on-location session may last up to 2 hours. ( Keep in mind we want your pet(s) to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. This is not a rushed situation.) **Pets photographed outdoors will be kept on-leash at all times. This precaution is for you and your pets safety. 


One (1.5) week after the photo shoot, you will receive an on-line gallery of your pets images for review. We will set up a virtual call to go over your images and narrow down the images you love the most. 


This is the time to place your order. You can pick from the gallery the number of images you would like re-touched and edited.  You will receive your high resolution images in digital download format within 2-3 weeks from the date you placed your order. 



What does it cost:

There is the photographer's booking fee.  This is a non-refundable fee paid to book the photographer on the day of your session. In addition to this fee, you will select the amount of final photos to be included in your final package.  Once you have selected your final images, your digital downloaded(s) will be re-touched and edited. You will receive your custom portrait(s) within 2-3 weeks from the date you placed your order.


Photographers Fees

A $225.00 Non-Refundable Fee to book the photographer(s) for your session


Includes up to 2 hour session - In-studio or On-location.


Includes - One (1) Pet


Includes - Online Gallery - 25+ images (For viewing only)II


Each Additional Pet(s) - $50.00 (Up to 4 pets maximum) *Restrictions apply. Please inquire.

*Costume/Dress Up is available for pets who are comfortable and have done it before. Owners must supply examples/clothing options


On-Location Definitions:  Outdoor Spots (Beach, Park - must be pet-friendly, City streets) 


*Travel outside Madison, CT may incur extra costs.  - Please inquire. 


***Please be advised: For everyone’s safety, Aggressive animals will not be allowed in/on any Guapa Films photo sessions or Guapa Films property. - This includes untrained, un-certified, aggressive SERVICE ANIMALS.



Digital Order Options

All digital images will be retouched to promote natural beauty and elegance.  They will be color corrected to their highest quality and creatively enhanced. 


When you order, you will receive a black & white and a color version of each image. We will remove blemishes, dust, food, lumps & bumps (Unless it’s natural to pet) and anything else unneeded in the image to create an artistic and creative portrait.


A single high resolution fully retouched digital file: $20

5 high resolution fully retouched digital files: $75 (each image $15)

10 high resolution fully retouched digital files: $150 (each image $15)

25 high resolution fully retouched digital files: $300 (each image $12)

Printing options are available at additional prices. Please inquire.


Rights Of Use

Purchasing your digital file package(s) gives you permission to use them for personal use only. (personal social media, personal printing use (calendars, cards, home decor, etc.). 


*Photo copyright remains with Guapa Films. Images may not be used for commercial purposes, or used for resale purposes or stock photography. Images may not be altered in any way. Photo copyright buyout available - contact us 


Rates for on-set photography, album and book covers, event, corporate photography and marketing material are available. Prices are determined based on project size, logistics and licensing issues. Please contact us to discuss your details with us. 



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