At Guapa Films we are cognizant of the worlds need to return to ’normal’.

But we do things a little different, we are in the service of creating magic. We collaborate with others to create magical worlds. 


The pandemic shutdown has taken a hit in our economy.  Finances are wearing thin, but the real toll is in the human losses. There is no true recovery for that. When it comes down to it, we are in the service of people. And, we will be here when you are ready.


Our industry is adapting fast and we are too. We are adding new services to meet the virtual demands and re-adjusting our current services to fulfill current safety mandates.  Affordability and quality will always be our focus.  


Stay connected at for our latest re-opening news and updates.  Thank you for your support, love and encouragements. They mean the world to us. With just a little more patience we will soon be done with this transition time.  


We can’t wait to see you again. Until then, stay safe, be well. 


With love, Katherine


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Francis F Films/ The Last Intervention / Actor/Scripty/HMU/Marketing


As strong and important as Katherine is in front of the camera, she is just as important behind it. From day one she recognized the intensity and the economic level of our production and she donated every single second she wasn’t acting to any job she could. She did script supervising, wardrobe, hair and make up, transportation and became extra eyes and ears on the set for us that helped us immensely on more than one occasion. She gave her all throughout the production and after.


Katherine has been very active in the promotional efforts with the movie as well. She is heavily involved in social media and Actor and Film production circles in the Northeast U.S. and she’s been crucial to the effect this movie has had in the film festival market and it’s intended audiences. She’s been present for most of the screenings and Q&A’s and she even flew down to Dominican Republic when we did the Festival de Cine Global. It’s always good when Katherine’s around because you know that she will carry her own weight and then some. She has so much heart and soul that I can’t wait for next opportunity for us to work together."


Giovanny and Rafael Blanco


“The Last Intervention” 

Graydon Productions / Z.O.V./ Actor/Promotions

"I’ve had the opportunity to direct her in several projects and I have found her to be insightful, intuitive, creative and professional.

I have sought to use her talents on numerous projects because she is an invaluable collaborator.


Katherine has now branched out to working behind the camera on several projects she has brought to fruition. She has carried her creative intuitions and drive over into this aspect of the business. Given the qualities I have observed in Katherine, I know she is a great asset.

I unreservedly recommend her.  Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Katherine will be as enriched by her presence as I have been."


Rob Graydon


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